The NEMESIS company

Since 2008, Nemesis Since 2008, NEMESIS is an independent company specialising in asset management, investment advisory, order receipt and transmission, and fund management for its domestic and international clients. Regulated by the Commission for the Control of Financial Activities (CCAF) in Monaco the company offers high standard quality services which are adapted to the profile of its clients and promotes modern, innovative and transparent management. Nemesis is based in Monaco (Nemesis SAM), Londres (Nemesis LLP).

Wealth Management and Private Assets:

Discretionary Management Mandate

Advisory Services Mandate

Order Receipt and Transmission

Dedicated Funds

Advantages of a Portfolio Managers Platform

  • Independence : as the company is not linked to any custodian bank, our advice does not depend on their products, which are sometimes highly biased or do not correspond to your specific situation.
  • Personalization : Our wealth approach is global in terms of your assets, and takes into account your individual objectives of return, risks control, and liquidity.
  • Follow-up : it includes both a quantitative using advanced tools and qualitative monitoring by the manager of the client.
  • Fees Optimization : we negotiate for you an attractive bank pricing (conventional or « All-in fees ») adapted to your assets and transactions types, with the partner custodian bank of your choice.
  • Professionalism : your managers have a high level of training and experience in financial markets and portfolio management; they have gone through many crises and economic financial cycles.